Ex-Army Sergeant upheld a lawsuit against Young Dolph for being fired over a video he shared

Akeisha Norris, an Ex-Army Sergeant sued Young Dolph for a video he shared featuring the army official twerking to his music. This incident has become a cause for the mental breakdown of the Sergeant.

On 18th September 2018, a video was shared by Dolph that had Norris dancing to one of his famous tracks. The video clip then went viral, and Dolph also put it up on his website. Superiors in the Army Nation Guard came across the clip and took necessary actions against Norris.

The consequences were real when Norris was relieved from her position as a Sergeant, while she was on duty at Kuwait. She was sent back to the United States. Norris claims to be undergoing a mental breakdown after the disciplinary actions coming from the superior officers. The Ex-Army Sergeant returned to the states and withdrew herself from the military.

Through legal procedures, Norris stated that she was friendly with Dolph, but she was surprised after Dolph had poster her image without her consent. Norris has claimed for the invasion of privacy and also causing emotional distress.

The allegations on Young Dolph being that through his actions he has caused damage to the reputation of the Ex-Army Sergeant.